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Deal Benchmarking

Evaluate for Deal Benchmarking

Are you exploring opportunities for alliances, in-licensing, or acquisition? Use Evaluate’s benchmarking and negotiation tools to understand the dealmaking landscape, with a depth of historical data for context. Easily compare metrics to validate decisions on partnerships, R&D strategies, and deal value. Use detailed data on comparable deals to structure and negotiate from a position of confidence.

Access insights that span therapy areas, mechanisms of action, and technologies. With a comprehensive perspective, you have the edge needed to secure higher deal values and drive R&D success.

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Leverage accurate forecasts

Inform your strategy and allocation decisions with transparent data. Identify product acquisition opportunities and use insights from historical comparable deals to strengthen your negotiations and deal structures.

Create custom benchmarks and sanity-check internal valuations

Understand how much your competitors paid when in-licensing or acquiring a particular pipeline asset, including financial details such as upfront payments, milestones, and royalties.

Optimise your current workflow

Effortlessly compare metrics and confirm internal insights. Create tailor-made intelligence with intuitive search and filtering that helps you make informed decisions about partnerships, deals, and drug development strategies.

How our solutions support deal benchmarking

Evaluate Pharma

Gain valuable insights during deal negotiations by identifying comparable deals and payment structures in relevant markets and therapy areas, and establish benchmarks accordingly.

Evaluate Epi

Benchmark your forecasts by incorporating epidemiology data on the total potential and addressable market.

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