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Competitive Landscape Analysis

Evaluate for Competitive Landscape Analysis

Understanding your competitive landscape is crucial to long-term success. However, it is a colossal task, with a multitude of data points, developments, and decisions for you and your team to track. And it is always evolving.

Our tools put all the insights you need within reach, helping you get to grips with risk, identify unmet needs, and better understand your growth drivers and product differentiators. Cut through the layers of complexity. Analyse the competition through a lens that’s specific to your therapeutic area or drug class. Discover opportunities, understand risk, plan the best points of entry for your investment, and stay competitive in the face of market changes.

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Analyse the entire market landscape

Quickly generate a competitive landscape for both R&D and marketed products, for a more complete view of expected approval dates, current R&D costs, risk profiles, and product valuations (NPV). Gain insights on market trends such as shifts in patient preferences or demand.

Understand a company’s focus area or a specific pipeline

Deepen your knowledge of the global competition in a therapy area. Assess present and future milestones of competing drug development programmes, identifying threats and opportunities for your specific target based on unique criteria.

Dig into a company’s deal history

Efficiently monitor competitors, market threats, and companies’ financial data for quicker deal sourcing and due diligence. Stay on top of market trends and drug developments to inform your strategy, product development, licensing deals, and investment decisions.

How do our solutions support competitive landscaping?

Evaluate Pharma

Set up alerts to provide timely insights on competitor portfolios and landscapes. Utilise market sizing models, Archived Forecasts, and the Event Analyzer to track changes in predictions over time.

Evaluate Epi

Conduct detailed competitive assessments to identify product threats and market competitors, assess the commercial potential of competitors, and utilise the NPV module for insights on the value of products and portfolios at a company and indication level across all pipeline and marketed programs.

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