Consensus Forecasts

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Distilling analysis from across the pharmaceutical industry into one viewpoint isn’t easy. But it is vital.

Strategic business decisions depend on equity research and forecasts to build a clear view of the market. But there are many equity analysts, and they all have their own opinions. And aggregating those views into a single picture takes time you could be using to draw your own conclusions.

Evaluate can give you back that time.


Consistent, transparent calibration

We combine deep industry knowledge and analytical expertise to give you a solid foundation for your strategic decisions.

Over twenty years, we have developed methods to smooth out outlying data points and differing methodologies, transparently and consistently. So you’ll always be able to understand the data you’re working with.

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From historic data to future trends

In 1996, we were the first to build detailed drug sales consensus forecasts – and we’re still leading the field. We cover more brokers’ analysis and more products than anyone else. We’ve built reciprocal relationships with many of our brokers, which means we can reflect their opinions more transparently and get updates more quickly.

Furthermore, we have the only complete consensus forecast archive reaching back to 2003, which lets you track what’s changed over the years.

Evaluate's consensus forecasts are the standard at Novartis, and have been for many years.

Anthony M., Senior Director, Competitive Intelligence & Prospection, Novartis

Evaluate's consensus forecasts are my sole source of forecasts. I don't know where else I could obtain this type of data through a single resource.

Katerina S., Information Manager, Zentiva