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Asset & Portfolio Strategy

Unlock Your Potential for Commercial Success: Asset & Portfolio Strategy

In an ever-evolving market landscape, understanding the intricacies of clinical and commercial differentiation is the key to achieving success. We design our comprehensive suite of solutions and insights to give you the competitive edge you need to navigate the market’s complexities, prioritise opportunities, and make your next move the most impactful.

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Market Sizing and Forecasting

Track disease stages, sub-populations, and treatment flow, allowing you to benchmark your forecasts against potential and addressable market data. Estimate drug-treated populations with our bottom-up forecasting to understand population evolution, validate investments, and identify growth opportunities.

Commercial Opportunity Assessment

Whether licensing a drug, acquiring a company, or forming a partnership, clarity on the market and a roadmap to success are crucial. Gain insights into company financials, product attributes, consensus forecasts, and market knowledge, to prioritise assets for commercial success. Assess present and future asset values, identify market opportunities and unmet needs, and evaluate ROI.

Indication Prioritisation and Strategy

Optimise resource allocation by selecting indications based on market potential and strategic fit. Understand the opportunities and challenges of each indication, streamline your R&D efforts, and prioritise initiatives with the highest chance of success.

Portfolio Optimisation

Gain in-depth insights into forecasting trends and your portfolio’s health with our advanced solutions for monitoring early-stage, clinical pipeline, late-stage, and marketed programs. Identify gaps, prioritise initiatives, and enhance performance. Receive strategic and actionable insights tailored to align with your growth objectives, whether it be leveraging existing assets or entering new therapeutic areas.

How Our Solutions Support Asset & Portfolio Strategy

Evaluate Pharma

Understand the pharmaceutical market’s past, present, and future performance with over two decades of commercial data and a continually extending window of consensus forecasts. Access a richer view that uniquely links consensus forecasts to pipelines across indications, therapeutic areas, and mechanisms of action.

Evaluate Omnium

Put the power of machine learning to work. Analyse millions of data points across the full clinical pipeline to discern critical connections between risk and return. Highlight promising drugs and forecast R&D expenses, drug prices, and market entry timelines like never before.

Consulting & Analytics

Leveraging a foundation of extensive Evaluate data, augmented with secondary research, modelling and analysis, our pharmaceutical consulting solutions are data-driven and insight-focused. 

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