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Evaluate gives you the understanding and time you need to drive better decisions.

Our financial clients include the top global investment banks, their M&A advisory teams, private equity and venture capital firms who trust Evaluate to support their investment decision making at every stage.

From market sizing, company screening and identifying potential targets, to portfolio and company valuations and tracking the impact of market events on share price, you can rely on Evaluate analysis and insights throughout the lifecycle of an investment.


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Be confident you've made the right decision

  • Assess M&A company valuations against consensus forecasts and peak sales data
  • Understand your target market, identify key players, and get launch and patent expiry timings
  • Benchmark your forecasts and valuations against our analogue forecasts
  • Analyse historic transactions against licensing, M&A, IPOs and venture financing to benchmark potential deals
  • Track how industry developments affect product and company valuations
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Save time

  • Conduct market assessments quickly and find assets by specific therapeutic areas
  • Save time with predefined consensus forecast reports for specific markets or companies
  • Access pre-built reports and customise to your needs
  • Drill down instantly from a broad market view to granular datasets
  • Analyse M&A deals and merger scenarios
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Negotiate and close winning deals

  • Model product valuations to support M&A decisions and understand company and product valuation
  • Analyse M&A deals and merger scenarios with our Merge Company tool
  • Screen for deals focusing on comparable historic deals to understand terms and deal values
  • Uncover investment opportunities when you search historic and forecast sales by indication
  • Profile specific indications to model the potential market for new assets
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I can't imagine doing our job without Evaluate. It should be part of the package for anyone working in life sciences investment banking.

Vishwas S, Vice President, Bank of America

We subscribe to Evaluate because of the accuracy, formatting, and speed. It lets us generate data on market or application areas with efficiency and reliability.

Vice President, Venture Capital and Management Firm