World Preview to 2028: Patents and Pricing

View the webinar: Don't miss our pharma and biotech outlook to 2028.

What will the pharma and biotech landscape look like in 2028?  Who are the winners and losers, and where do the big opportunities lie?

View the webinar for a forward-looking analysis of the pharma and biotech market, based on Evaluate consensus forecasts to 2028.

You can now watch this webinar for insights on:

  • How to prepare for the impending patent cliff
  • Understand who's up and who's down in the global big pharma rankings
  • Take a deeper dive into the drivers of R&D
  • Get up to speed on the latest deal making activity



Amy Brown


  Amy Brown

  Deputy Editor, Evaluate Vantage



Melanie Senior


  Melanie Senior

  Author, Evaluate World Preview


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