EP Vantage Pharma, Biotech and Medtech 2017 In Review


Report Highlights

  • All major healthcare indices climbed in 2017, echoing wider stock market strength
  • The $80bn spent on pharma & biotech acquisitions in 2017 makes it the slowest M&A year of the past five
  • With two record-breaking final quarters under its belt 2017 was a huge year for biotech venture funding
  • In medtech, the total value of all mergers closed in 2017 came in just shy of $100bn

Drug makers entered 2017 fearing the worst about retaining their US pricing power. They exited the year more jubilant, since on most measures, 2017 delivered a resurgence for pharma and biotech. The picture was similar for the medical technology industry, though life got tougher for the smaller groups.

Our report offers analysis and expert commentary on M&A deals, venture financing, initial public offerings and FDA approvals in the pharma and medtech sectors during 2017.


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