Data-Driven Analyses Based on Evaluate Data

Covid-19 will still be a front-page story in 2022, keeping the biopharma sector in the spotlight. The attention will bring some benefits, largely in the shape of broad support from investors. However, it also means heightened scrutiny, particularly for those that are making billions from successful pandemic vaccines and treatments.

The Evaluate Vantage 2022 Preview explores the advances biopharma could make in the Covid-19 battle next year, along with key developments in the regulatory climate and innovation landscape, and the world of money, markets and M&A.   



What's In The Report?
Covid-19 vaccines will bring in at least $50bn in combined revenue for Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna next year.
Outside of pandemic-related products, Humira will remain the biggest-selling drug.

AstraZeneca stands out in the biggest new sales generators.
Several potential blockbusters are lining up to reach the market in 2022.
Share price performances of large and small cap drug developers will continue diverging in early 2022, with earlier-stage and higher-risk biotechs out of favour.
The IPO market is displaying signs of slowing, while venture capital is on track to break records.
The strong financing climate has allowed young start-ups to push on alone, contributing to a very quiet period for M&A.
There are no signs of a slowdown on the licensing scene