Out Now: Evaluate Vantage’s 2021 in Review

Once again, our award-winning, independent editorial team provides thought-provoking insights into the business development decisions and financing deals that shaped the world of pharma, biotech and medtech last year.  

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Biopharma saw dramatic divergences in fortunes on the stock market
The pace of biopharma IPOs might have slowed, but on many measures 2021 was unprecedented
Waning public investor sentiment made the year a minor disaster for listed companies, but closely held groups enjoyed their most successful 12 months ever
Demand for US biotech stocks is as poor as it has been for some time
The FDA approved 58 novel drugs last year, the highest number for three years
2021 was a pretty staid year for small and mid-cap device makers, with the huge gains of 2020 nowhere to be seen
Device makers are buying again, thanks to either stockpiles of Covid cash or a need to build scale during a difficult time
Medical device companies have concluded a storming year for both acquisitions and flotations
32 high-risk innovative medical devices were approved in 2021 – an acceptable picture for companies aiming to bring new products to the US market