AHA 2021 – Amarin not prepared in Covid battle

Amarin is officially two for two in its failure to prove that its only product, Vascepa, has any impact on reducing infections, hospitalisation rates or death from Covid-19. Today it was the turn of the Prepare It-2 trial to disappoint. Results presented at the AHA conference showed that, among non-hospitalised Covid patients, there was no significant difference with Vascepa versus placebo on the primary endpoint, Covid hospitalisations or death. However, there was a numerical improvement with Vascepa. A generous interpretation might be that Prepare It-2 was underpowered. But confirmation of any signal would require Amarin to conduct a much larger trial, a difficult endeavour given rising vaccination rates and improved treatment options. Today’s data follow a flop in the Prepare It-1 trial, which showed that Vascepa did not prevent healthcare and public workers at high risk of Covid from catching the virus. Success in any of the trials would have been helpful for Amarin, which this year lost a battle to protect patents on Vascepa. With no seeming Covid boost on the horizon, and US competitors already on the market, Amarin will have to rely on increasing Europe sales, but a recent launch in Germany has disappointed.

Prepare-IT slide

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