Orexo launches its apps while it can


Taking advantage of the FDA’s temporary laissez-faire attitude to digital therapies, Orexo has launched its prescription app for depression, Deprexis, in the US and plans to release one for alcohol misuse, Vorvida, on July 15. Patients can use the apps to manage their symptoms, meaning the apps are similar to those sold by Pear Therapeutics. Indeed, one of Pear’s apps was released in April via the FDA’s newly relaxed regulations for this type of software, which will be in place for the duration of the US’s Covid-19 public health emergency. Orexo is also working on a third app, coded OXD01, for opioid use disorders; it hopes to be able to launch this in the second quarter of 2021, a year ahead of its original plan. Remarkably, Orexo estimates that its three apps, all of which it licensed from German developer Gaia, have a combined annual sales potential of $420-650m five years post-launch. Analysts from Redeye wrote that while the products are “high quality, engaging and truly personalised … and scientifically proven”, the true potential of these products will only become clear after tangible results and an indication of customer uptake and payment models.

Prescription apps under development from Orexo and Gaia
Company App Intended use US launch date Sales potential ($m)
Orexo* Deprexis Depression Jul 2, 2020 150-225
Orexo* Vorvida Problematic alcohol misuse Jul 15, 2020 120-200
Orexo* OXD01 opioid use disorders Q2 2021 150-225
Gaia Priovi Borderline personality disorder - -
Gaia Velibra Generalized anxiety disorder/panic disorder/social phobia - -
Gaia Elevida Fatigue in multiple sclerosis - -
Gaia Emyna Epilepsy - -
Gaia Covivio Compliance support - -
*Licensed from Gaia. Sources: Company press releases and websites.

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