Valneva leads the chikungunya vaccine charge


Valneva has lagged behind in the Covid-19 vaccine race, but it could get the first chikungunya vaccine to market. The French group released phase 3 immunogenicity data today that it hopes will be enough to gain accelerated approval for VLA1553. Of the 4,115 US adults enrolled, 264 were tested for immunogenicity, and Valneva said protective neutralising antibody titres were seen in 98.5% of these subjects at day 28, above the 70% threshold agreed with the FDA. The company also said response to the vaccine was similar in young and old adults. 3,082 subjects were evaluated for safety; 1.6% had severe adverse events, most commonly fever. Final data are expected within six months, and VLA1553 could get the nod in the US and EU by late 2022 or early 2023, Stifel analysts believe. Valneva would receive a priority review voucher on approval. Other groups, notably Moderna, are developing chikungunya vaccines, but these projects are some way behind VLA1553. Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus, is endemic in places like Africa and Southeast Asia; Valenva says the market is worth $500m, with $250m of this coming from travel vaccinations. VLA1553 could bring in $132m by 2026, according to Evaluate Pharma sellside consensus.

Chikungunya vaccines in clinical development
Project Company Description Trial details
Phase 3
VLA1553 Valneva Live-attenuated virus vaccine Pivotal VLA1553-301 trial met primary endpoint
BBV87 Bharat Biotech/International Vaccine Institute Inactivated whole virion vaccine Ph2/3 completes Dec 2022
Phase 2
PXVX0317 Emergent Biosolutions Virus-like particle vaccine 2-yr ph2 data reported May 2021
V184 Merck & Co (Themis) Live recombinant measles-vectored vaccine Ph2 completed Jun 2021
Phase I
mRNA-1944 Moderna mRNA vaccine encoding anti-chikungunya virus monoclonal antibody Ph1 completed Jun 2021
Source: Evaluate Pharma.

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