Vifor plumps for a double acquisition

Following the failure of two of Vifor’s partnered assets in just over a year, the group needed to plug the gaps in its pipeline. It has opted to do so via two buyouts of companies looking at chronic kidney disease, complimenting Vifor’s tight focus. The Spanish group Sanifit has been taken out for €205m ($231m), with potential milestones of up to €170m and tiered royalties. Vifor will get full global rights to Sanifit’s thrice-weekly intravenous project SNF472, which it calls a first-in-class inhibitor of vascular calcification. The asset is intended for the treatment of calcific uremic arteriolopathy (CUA) and peripheral artery disease (PAD) in patients with end-stage renal disease, and results from an ongoing phase 3 CUA study could come next year. Meanwhile, patients with earlier-stage kidney disease could benefit from INS-3001, a once-daily subcutaneous treatment for those with aortic valve stenosis and PAD that is the flagship asset of Inositec, the other company Vifor bought today. At SFr20m ($22m) plus potential clinical earn-out payments, the Inositec deal is much smaller than Sanifit – understandably, as INS-3001 is not yet in the clinic.

Vifor's pipeline
Product Status Vifor rights Partner
Vadadustat Filed for anaemia in CKD in dialysis and non-dialysis patients, but failed in the latter population in Sep 2020 US profit share Akebia
SNF472  274 pt ph2b Calipso trial hit 2019; ph3 CUA trial data expected mid-2022; ph2 in PAD in patients on dialysis planned for 2022 Global Acq via Sanifit
Sparsentan Data from 371pt Duplex trial Ph3 trial in focal segmental glomerulosclerosis expected 2022 and from 380pt Protect Ph3 trial in IgA nephropathy in 2023 Europe, Australia and New Zealand Travere Therapeutics
Vamifeport (VIT-2763) 80 pt ph2 in beta-thalassaemia ongoing; ph2 in sickle cell disease completed Global  
ANG-3777 Data from ph2 study in AKI associated with cardiac surgery expected this year; ph3 in kidney transplant patients at risk for delayed graft function failed Oct 2021 Global ex China, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan Angion Biomedica
INS-3001 Ph1 imminent; ph2 in non-dialysis CKD patients with PAD and separately in AVS planned for 2023 Global Acq via Inositec
CKD = chronic kidney disease; AKI = acute kidney injury; CUA = calcific uremic arteriolopathy; AVS = aortic valve stenosis. Note: excludes approved and marketed drugs. Source: Evaluate Pharma, & company websites.

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