Zimmer and Medtronic advance in robotic surgery


A year or so ago Zimmer Biomet’s president for the EMEA region, Katarzyna Mazur-Hofsäss, told Vantage that the group would develop its robotic surgery platform, Rosa, then used for neurosurgical and spinal procedures, for use in arthroplasty (Zimmer Biomet sees a tricky European future, February 26, 2018). It has done so in double-quick time, with the Rosa Knee system gaining US clearance on Friday for use in knee-replacement surgery. Rosa is made by the French company Medtech, which Zimmer controls, having taken a 59% stake in it in 2016. The robotic surgery segment might be ready for a wider shake-up: Medtronic said today that it had treated the first US patients with its Mazor X Stealth Edition, a robotic platform for spine surgery. Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson is rumoured to be interested in buying Auris Health for a figure of around $2bn. J&J already has a robotic surgery joint venture, Verb Surgical, with Alphabet's Verily division, but seemed cool on this during its earnings call last week, suggesting that news on Verb would not emerge until next year.

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