A roundup of Evaluate Vantage's coronavirus coverage

All of Evaluate Vantage's Covid-19 stories in one place: share price reactions, clinical trial delays, cost estimates, and more. This page will be updated as our coverage continues.


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Gilead puts more Covid-19 subjects on remdesivir

9 April

With interest in testing remdesivir against Covid-19 ramping up, Gilead has moved to increase the chances that its two studies will yield something positive. 


What to look for in upcoming Covid-19 trial readouts

8 April

Industry-sponsored clinical studies against the new coronavirus have proliferated, as have their designs and efficacy measures.


Covid-19 oils the wheels of business development

7 April

Vir’s tie-up with Glaxo leads recent deal activities aiming to treat the new coronavirus.


FDA authorises the first Covid-19 antibody test

6 April

Cellex wins the race to get the FDA’s buy-in for a blood test to pinpoint immunity.


The long path to an effective coronavirus vaccine

3 April

What is biopharma doing to develop vaccines against Covid-19, and what are the properties of each approach? Vantage takes a look.


Joint makers report pandemic pain

3 April

Sales of implants are set to fall sharply as non-urgent procedures are deferred.


A Covid-19 threat to business acquisitions

2 April

20 key healthcare transactions, most struck before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, have yet to be formally completed.


The scramble to reinvent the ventilator

31 March

As Smiths Group delays its split partly so it can focus on ventilator production, the US FDA grants emergency authorisation to other breathing devices to treat Covid-19.


US authorisation arrives for point-of-care Covid-19 tests

27 March

In the past week the US FDA has granted emergency use authorisation for a further seven in vitro diagnostics for Covid-19 infection, bringing the total to 16.


Biotech’s balancing act amid Covid-19 delays

26 March

A Vantage analysis suggests which small biotechs might seriously have to rethink R&D spending plans in the wake of Covid-19.


Small companies work on Covid-19 antibody tests

26 March

Statements this week from Public Health England that the UK would soon start mass testing to identify people who have had a Covid-19 infection and recovered, and are therefore immune, have thrown the spotlight on developers of these antibody-based blood tests.


Making sense of Covid-19 treatment approaches

25 March

IGM's Dan Chen, an expert on coronaviruses, speaks about the value of different ways of trying to treat Covid-19.


Covid-19 forces Lilly to hit the brakes

24 March

As Lilly pauses much of its research owing to the coronavirus pandemic, Vantage takes a look at an estimate of the cash committed to ongoing clinical studies. Clue: it’s a lot.


Pivotal readouts threatened by Covid-19 represent a $20bn investment

24 March

Last week Vantage highlighted 315 pivotal trials that are approaching readout and that could face delays caused by the new coronavirus pandemic. A further analysis seeks to put a figure on exactly how much cash is being put to work here: $20bn is the figure that EvaluatePharma Vision* estimates it will cost to run these 315 studies.


Go or no go? Covid-19 upstages US regulatory decisions

23 March

A Vantage analysis of FDA decisions expected in the next month and how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic could affect these.


Clinical trial delays become reality as Covid-19 risk spreads

20 March

A Vantage analysis identifies 315 pivotal trials that risk, like Lexicon’s Scored and Soloist studies, never being completed.


Genmark adds $100m in value on Covid-19 test authorisation

20 March

The fates of companies that have obtained FDA emergency use authorisation for their sequencing-based tests for the novel coronavirus have diverged wildly, judging by their share price performance in the trading period after the EUA was granted.


First clinical data show biopharma the way against Covid-19

19 March

Hints of activity, generated by academic centres, suggest that antivirals and an antimalarial might play some role against Covid-19.


Hope replaces hype for coronavirus stocks

19 March

Investors are homing in on biopharma companies able to make real contributions to the coronavirus pandemic, but market frothiness is far from over.


A Covid-19 treatment plan slowly emerges

18 March

Antivirals, anti-interleukins and vaccines take centre stage in clinical trial efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.


Traditional and high-tech solutions needed in ventilator shortage

18 March

One thing is certain from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic: hospitals and healthcare systems need more respirators.


Crisis, what crisis? Curevac denies everything

17 March

As a Covid-19 vaccine exclusivity and senior management storm engulfs Curevac, the German mRNA specialist insists it’s just conjecture and coincidence.


Two more test nods as FDA relaxes rules still further

17 March

Thanks to the FDA, Hologic and Labcorp have managed to arrest the damage they sustained during yesterday’s bloodbath on the exchanges: their shares are up very slightly after the agency granted emergency use authorisation to their Covid-19 diagnostics.


On the hunt for a Covid-19 vaccine

16 March

As Cepi asks for $2bn to fund development of a vaccine against coronavirus and Moderna moves into the clinic, Vantage takes a look at previous pandemic development costs.


FDA authorises Covid-19 tests from Roche and Thermo Fisher

16 March

The race between diagnostics companies to be the first to get the FDA’s authorisation for a Covid-19 assay was declared a draw on Friday, with both Roche and Thermo Fisher gaining emergency use authorisation for their respective tests. 


Estimating the cost of Covid-19 antiviral development

12 March

Money will of course be no object when it comes to funding development of treatments for Covid-19, but how much exactly are we talking?


Tiziana takes a deep breath and targets Covid-19

11 March

Using drugs that can cause or exacerbate lung infections to treat the novel coronavirus – what could go wrong?


For a Covid-19 vaccine, WHO you gonna call?

11 March

Much of the world’s vaccine manufacturing capacity lies with a fairly small number of companies – in the west, at least – and it is to these groups that the World Health Organization would likely turn should a preventative treatment for Covid-19 be found.


Few groups have developed Covid-19 diagnostics – but this will change

10 March

The FDA is loosening its rules on the authorisation of diagnostic tests for the new coronavirus, but it is still some way behind Europe.


Will sales of any Covid-19 vaccine echo swine and avian flu shots?

9 March

Vaccine makers managed to respond pretty quickly to previous viral outbreaks – swine flu and avian flu specifically – and certain companies are still booking sales of these preventative shots, EvaluatePharma data show.


Biopharma’s role in tackling coronavirus

5 March

The industry has a duty to develop Covid-19 antivirals and vaccines, but the nature of clinical trials means that lower-profile measures must take precedence.


Previous pandemic antiviral demand spike sees Biocryst jump aboard

5 March

The Covid-19 outbreak has highlighted the need for effective broad-spectrum antivirals that can be stockpiled for times of need; a look at historic sales of existing agents shows how use spiked during previous outbreaks.


Coronavirus stock hype proves infectious

27 February

Coronavirus-focused investors have willingly backed bona fide development and egregious publicity stunts alike.


Big-caps join the coronavirus scramble

3 February

It is no longer just small biotechs that are taking aim at coronavirus: Gilead Sciences and Glaxosmithkline are getting involved too, albeit via different routes.

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