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Pharma’s Biggest Spenders 2022 Infographic

As several of the big 11 pharma companies dialled back on acquisitions, the collective bill for M&A and R&D activities among this cohort took a dip for the second consecutive year in 2022, even as Pfizer marched on with its spending spree. Their collective expenditure – $157 billion – might be the smallest since 2018, but it's still a…

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Q3 Round Up: Alive but not kicking report

What happened in Q3? Did the glimmers of light we saw at the start of the quarter really come to anything or were they a false dawn? In this eBook, we investigate whether…


The Impact of Data Science

Digital technologies have plenty to offer a pharma industry seeking to up its productivity game. Attention often focuses artificial intelligence powered drug discovery or…


ESMO 2022 eBook

The European Society of Medical Oncology Conference (ESMO) in Paris has wrapped up and there was much to talk about as Europe’s top oncologists came together to announce…