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World Preview 2023: Pharma's Age of Uncertainty

The pharmaceutical sector is entering new and unfamiliar territory. Key assumptions, such as the unrivalled profitability of the US market and the reliance on large M&A to spur growth, are getting a serious shake-up.  From the FDA's shifting temperament and the ripple effects of the IRA, commercial disruptions, dealmaking ambiguities and…

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The Impact of Data Science

Digital technologies have plenty to offer a pharma industry seeking to up its productivity game. Attention often focuses artificial intelligence powered drug discovery or…


ESMO 2022 eBook

The European Society of Medical Oncology Conference (ESMO) in Paris has wrapped up and there was much to talk about as Europe’s top oncologists came together to announce…


PD(L)anner – September 2022

Once again, Evaluate Vantage provides the latest insights and expert perspectives on new developments in the PD-(L)1 inhibitor landscape. The last few months have been…